The plant kingdom represents an immense source for medicinal remedies.

Inspired by traditional knowledge from around the world and their ancestral use, we scientifically validate their intrinsic medicinal qualities. We rigorously optimize the extraction processes in order to obtain maximum quality of therapeutic activity for our plant extracts.

Our constant Research and Development in advanced extraction processes (supercritical CO2, flash freeze technology ...) and inspired formulation studies, via university and private partnerships, positions us in the path of innovation, and represents a major axis of the company.

We bring this alliance of Nature, Traditional Knowledge and Science to the service of Health.

Curador has initiated expertise networks with specialized regional actors that allow us to benefit from the most advanced technologies and know-how.

Our mission as a producer is also coupled with distribution, via medical delegation, in order to adapt as well as possible to the reality of the field.

Excerpt from the documentary "Plants and Intellectual Properties".
of the programme "Planète en question" broadcast on RTBF on 30/08/2005.